Waking computer up from sleep help!

Recently my computer started acting up everytime the computer goes to sleep. When i wake up the computer, the screen flickers back and forth between my desktop and a black screen. Sometimes it stops after a few seconds, other times i have to restart my computer to get it to fix.
4870-latest 8.9 drivers
asus p5e deluxe
4gb gskill ram
hp w2207 monitor
e8400 non oc'ed
antec tpq 850watt psu
vista home premium 64 bit
please help, and btw it happened a little after installing the new catalyst drivers,8.9, ive reinstalled them but the problem still occurs
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  1. Make sure cables are good/connected properly. Second make sure card isn't overheating. Flickering screen is usually sign of a dying card or a dying display.
  2. If you haven't already tried installing this update I'd give it a go and see
    if it resolves anything.

  3. I reinstalled the graphics card drivers, and the problem still persists.
    I have done what dallasjoh and shadow reccomended and still no luck
    any more help on the topic would be appreciated
  4. You can always turn sleep mode off by going to;
    1. Start Orb
    2. control panel
    3. power options
    4. Change when computer sleeps
    5. put the computer to sleep
    6. never
  5. I know but knowing my computer isn't working properly bugs me, i dont like avoiding problems, i like to fix them. Thanks though.
    --Is there any chance that this could be related to the graphics drivers and maybe i should revert to the older 8.8?
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