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Hi fellas.... i have doubts about my PH2 955 temp...... I was using stock fan in that moment i have 48 c on idle on my CPU. Recently i just got a V8 (looks cool) and now the temp are 43-46 on idle.... That´s make me wonder if it´s the V8 a fiasco.....? I´m usin a thermaltake soprano case and i know everything inside is pretty tight and may be that´s so hot...... anyways these are "normal" temps if it is i must say V8 is useless..

PS I´m not OCing i wish i could.......
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  1. If you have high ambient temps and/or bad airflow yes, 43-46C make sense. On a HAF922 + a Q6600 @3.6Ghz (no SpeedStep )+ Core Contact Freezer 120mm + Scythe 110CFM fan, I only idle at 35-40C.

    You may want to:

    1. Check your ambient inside the case

    2. Re apply/re seat the cooler
  2. i think must be the ambient (external) and the tight of the case..... i´ve reseted the V8 twice....
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    What is your room temp and is your case full of fans and what are the RPMs?

    This from a quote on your case review:
    "As a whole, the cooling isn't overwhelming. But it isn't substandard, and the fan clips make for easy changes."

    That case is kinda lacking. Pay attention to another part of the review
    "Behind the front bezel is a sizable 140mm intake fan that operates at inaudible speeds but moves very little air, which is in no small part thanks to Thermaltake's standard plastic (admittedly easy-to-clean) fan filter, on top of the constriction provided by the steel chassis and the front bezel's indirect air flow. It's enough for the hard drives, but I wouldn't count on it to pump fresh air across the expansion slots by the gallon. "

    Open it up! Cut the back bezel out over the fan, get a wired fan cover, do what you can with the front.
  4. i think i can try... but i rather get another case......

    thanks man very helpfull of you guys....
  5. Antec 902. Good case, there are others too.
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