Rebuild Raid 1

I have a Dell XPS600.
When I booted I could not find my D & E optical drives.
Tried a few things in set up and finally reset it it default settings.
Now the raid 1 is not letting XP Pro boot.
If I break the raid I find both drives are good and seem identical as I have not made any changes or created any docs.
Dell, naturally, wants me to reload the op system and start over.
If I rebuild the raid will it destroy the data on the disks?
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  1. If you rebuild the RAID 1 with Intel Matrix Storage Manager, you will choose the source HDD and the HDD you are adding to the volume. The source HDD files, etc. will remain; the HDD you are adding to the volume will lose all its data (because it will mirror the source HDD).
  2. I downloaded Intel's Matrix. In order to use it I was told to install some kind of storage console. I forget the name of it.

    But it cost over $700.00 to purchase it.

    So I wiped out my desktop Raid and reformatted the drives.
    Rebuilt the Raid inside my desktop.

    Then I removed my SATA drive with the image on it from the separate Raid housing.
    Purchased a multi drive hub that required no extra software.
    Hooked it up to the drive and was able to restore my system.

    I appreciate your response to my question.
    It was too expensive to follow through with Intel's product.
  3. I appreciate treefrog07's answer, rersponse time, assistance and support,

    I'm sure it would have been the way to go.

    However, my budget doesn't allow $700.00 fixes and others are in the same boat.

    So, I'm troubled in clicking on "Select as best answer".

    I look at it as similar to Dell's answer to reload the op system and start over.

    Spending $700.00 or starting from scratch are certianly not my first choices, but in the long run, probably either are the best choices.

    So, yes, it is the best I received and I choose it.

    Respectfully, Tim
  4. What? $700? I was talking about downloading Intel's Matrix Storage Manager. Then install that to monitor and maintain your Intel-based RAID arrays from within windows.
    I apolgize if I wasn't clear.
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