Core 2 duo mobo recommendation please

hello all,

i have a core 2 duo cpu (65 nano).
am running on a asrock 4core-dualvista board.
memory running at 667mhz.

would like to upgrade mobo & memory but still use my core 2 duo.

basically i want my mobo to handle 1066 ram (or higher) and have at least 4 sata drive connections.
and must fit my core 2 duo that comes in a LGA775 package.

not too fussed about overclocking capabilities.

a good and stable performer at mid range price will be great.

so do any of you have any recommendations that fit my need?

i know i can trawl through each manufacturer's website and check each model in turn (and yes i have been doing this).

but is there an easier method?
is there a database of mobos?

any help you provide is appreciated.
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  1. Foxconn has an x38a board that's on sale at newegg during a 72 hour email promotion for $99.99 after rebate. You'll have to register at newegg to receive emails. If interested, I would read some reviews and download the manual for bios info. I have the promo code if you would like to order, but it won't work unless you register first, which can take about 24 hours to add the info to the database.
  2. thanks for that o1die. let me read up on that board first. but your general feeling is that i should go with a x38 board, foxconn or another?
  3. No. It's just a suggestion. $100 will get you a decent board. The x38 is a little fancier than some, but any p45 or g43 board will work fine. I have an asrock g43 board collecting dust in my attic, but no one wants it as it has no warranty. It is a product sample.
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