what should i get a 8600, 9650 or 920?

Im looking into a new pc but would just like to get a few opinions from more experienced builders. What would you guys prefer? A dual cour like 8600 or one of the quads 9650 or the newer 920 i7. Should i future proof my system and will an i7 system do that?
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  1. If buying new, and not reusing anything like RAM, I would go i7. i7 works in LGA1366 thus limiting the days of core2's LGA775.
  2. if going with i7 hows a evga x58 board sound?
  3. What are you going to use the PC for is the real question. If you're gaming, the i7 machine has no advantage over either of those chips. The i7 chips are designed to help business and database functions more so than your average user.
  4. mostly gaming but like i said im buying all new so i just want to make sure my pc is some what future proof yeah know?
  5. Go with the i7, it's faster per clockspeed period.
    They start with high clocks and overclock solidly, your gonna get good performance.

    I can't see any reasons to buy an outdated dual core chip if the speeds are the same, you're just buying obsolete tech for no gain.

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