Got my laptop, now what?

My "new" laptop/tablet arrived today! I don't have a wireless router, but I do have onboard wireless on my motherboard. I have the P5K-something or other, and its supposed to support 802.11b/g. The laptop is the Acer C100, which supports 802.11b. What I want to do is set it up so that my main PC allows the laptop to surf the net/transfer files. I believe I need to enable ICS on the main PC, not sure what I need to do to the laptop. Any links/tips would be great. (laptop is running XP tablet edition w/SP3, the desktop is running XP student edition/XP pro. Its only up to SP2, but its mostly updated.)

Edit: From what I've read online, I'm supposed to set up an "ad hoc" network. Instructions are here.

My problem is my "host" computer (desktop) doesn't show the "wireless networks" tab. Any idea on why this is?

Edit 2: Went to Asus's website and downloaded the software needed. I had the drivers installed, but there was special Asus software that you use to configure the wifi. Now that its on my computer I have the tab, and the laptop and desktop can see each other. (or at least the desktop can see the laptop. I did have to give it an IP address.) I'm trying to enable ICS now, but only the wired NICs are showing. The wireless isn't in the list. Any clues?
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  1. Still stuck on this, would love if anyone knows this answer.
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