New CPU Day! E7500 Content and PICS

Sorry if this is the wrong section guys. I'm not a Mod and I make mistakes. ;)

anyways, i ordered this little Dorito a few weeks ago and forgot to put in in so i figured i would make a thread.

My previous processor was a Weird ass Prototype E4400 that didn't have a normal stepping number. I asked Intel and they had no idea where it came from. It had the heat resistance of the first batch, and the terrible OC headroom of the latter batch. The highest frequency i ever got was 2.70 Ghz. I tried various motherboards and even lapped the stupid thing to no avail.

I didn't take a pic of the actual Processor, but i think you guys have an idea what it looks like. ;)

Here is the old...

And here is the scene...

I am typing right now at these settings...

Stay tuned as i will see how high i can get this little thing to go. Keep in mind i am using a Foxconn ELA board (not that awesome), 4 x 1 gig 667 CL5 sticks of meemoreez form various manufactures, and a Zerotherm BTF 90 cooler.
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  1. quick addition. im running 3.7 Ghz with a divider of 1:2 and 335 mhz bus speed. just ran the Crysis benchmark and my minimum frame rate jumped from 17.5 stock to 26.7 now.

    ill post more pics later... :)
  2. Alrighty this is as far as im going to get with this memory. My motherboard changes the divider on the own for some reason. Thus i have to leave it on "Auto" so it stays at 5:6...

    here is the final result. Note that all four sticks of memory are "Value" sticks that can be had for 10 bucks and only rated for 667 mhz.

    Final specs

    E7500 (2.93 Ghz) running at 3.70 Ghz
    667 Mhz memory running at 800 Mhz

    I sure helps my frame rate and my CPU temps are a whole lot cooler. :)
  3. The slight memory overclock, although it looks impressive, is probably hurting your overall performance.

    We talked about that here:

    And I wouldn't put drink cans and cups that close to my computer. That's a really bad place for an "Oops!"
  4. ^Haha yeah I have yet to spill anything on my motherboard, but when i do i might take care afterwards. ;)

    im going to read that thread but keep note, that memory overclock is with the motherboard set to "Auto" and that is the only option i have.
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