Just build my new computer, it does not boot


I ordered all my part from new egg, receives them all today.
So I build my new computer

Building it went fine, expect when I powered it up, all the fan (CPU, Case, GPU, PSU) starts turn for half a second, and then nothing
Something was wrong, I remove everything, and just plug the mobo+cpu+fan, the power suppply outside of the box : same issue, fan turns for half a seconds and that s all
(and only the first time, after that, I need to turn of the power supply, and turn it on again if I want to see the fans turning again)
Also, the led is green on the mobo, so it has power.

I checked my connection : 24 pin connector, + the 4 pin connect, plus the CPU fan

the hardware is :
Mobo : P5K pro
Proc : intel dual core E7200 2.53 MHz
Fan : Zalman 7900
gpu : asus radeon 4859
Mem : A-data 2x2gB

I tried without and without the memory, With and without the GPU, and any combination... No success to start it up.

What do you think ?

Should I install the original intel Fan and try ?
Should I send back the Mother as dead on arrival ?

Any other suggestion ?
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  1. So I change the CPU fan, and installed the intel one.. Same issue
    I reset the Mobo, same issue

    I guess I will send the mobo back.
  2. Put together the barebone of the mobo, cpu, hsf, ram & gpu on the mobo box. Hook it up to a lcd, keyb & psu. 3 power cables for the 4/8-pin cpu, 24-pin mobo & 6-pin gpu. Look for the PWRSW pins in the manual's layout section.

    Jump-start the barebone by shorting the PWRSW pins with the tip of a ball pen, if no luck, unplug power cord, clear cmos for 10 mins, try each ram stick in each slot, upon POST go to bios, load default & up ddr2 voltage by a notch. Install the other ram stick.
  3. Normally, just with mogo, cpu, hsf, I should get something no ?
    I need to try by putting the memory stick on each slot....

    But anyway, so far I cannot access the bios, after putting power on (short pwr pins) the fan turns for half a second (like a first power surge) and stop jsut after, no life after that if I press the power button again.
  4. Found the issue, it was the PSU.
    I replaced it and now everything is fine
  5. Those I have found are the problem, I had one that went bad didnt know it. Everything seemed to work fine when I turned it on but no boot up, all the fans started and all that. So I thought something was wrong with the mobo or CPU, so i had to buy a whole new cpu ram mobo setup same problem I brought the PSU in they tested it, said it was fine, so i said f' it give me another PSU and hooked it up, and it booted.
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