Athlon Xp upgrade.. to do, or not.

I was toying around with the idea of blowing 1k-1500 on a new gaming system, and then I realized that I rarely play games enough to make it a worthwhile purchase... The PC that I'm playing on currently is 5 or so years old, it has a Athlon xp 4200+... I could get another 1ghz for roughly 55$ from buying the 5600-6000+ XPs.. If I tied that with a pretty decent graphics card, would I even notice the upgrades..? The graphics card im using right now is an old overclocked 8400 GS.. nothing special, it needs to go..I found out the overclocking capabilities on the chip apparently isn't anything to gawk at.. maybe 1--200 more mhz then it comes stock, probably not even worth it to try!
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    Check out the Tom's hardware cpu hierarchy chart:,2466-6.html

    The author doesn't recommend an upgrade of less than 3 tiers, but the 4200+ runs at 2.2 ghz and the 5600+ runs at 2.9 ghz. You probably won't see a huge difference. If I were you, I'd save my money and think about a whole new system. There are some real bargains out there right now, especially with AMD processors, that are far superior to the 5600+. Good luck.
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