Is teh XFX 9800GTX+ a good replacement for the Asus EN8800GT TOP

Hi I'm currently building my own PC and i heard from a friend that he has the EN8800GT TOP but i can't find it on the site i'm using to buy the parts for my computer. Well I've been looking around the Internet and i think i found a good replacement but since I'm not really a computer expert I'd like your opinion. the Card is Called the XFX 9800GTX+
Specefications of Both Vid Cards:

Thx for the help
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  1. yeah it's slightly faster but not by much
  2. As Kari said it is slightly faster but not much. If I were you I would not waste money on such a small upgrade, your better off saving your money and then getting a card that is alot faster.
  3. Its not an upgrade just a replacement for the EN8800 TOP cause its not for sale anywhere in Holland at least does anyone have a better idea than this?Which video card should i buy with about the same Price Tag?
  4. Ow yeah i know my Motherboard (Asus PK5 Pro) can run DDR3 but what is GDDR3 never seen it before and can my motherboard run vid cards that have GDDR3
  5. ow ok got yea. the ATI 4850 is a good alternitive.
  6. The type of ddr that is on a graphics card really does,nt matter, a motherboard works with all types. but the higher the ddr number the better. But it doesn't mean that a card with a higher nuber type of ddr is better then a card with a lower ddr type
  7. K thx bout the GDDR3 k now i see that theres different brands of cards do you perhaps know which one is best sorry im so annoying i just want good quality for my money
    i see a
    Club3D OC? <----- whats OC
    can you help me with his one plz ^^
    and i thought test showed the XFX was slightly better than the 4850 for the 5 euro it costs more than the 4850 i will buy that oen if its better at least
    I appreciate your help a lot btw ^^
  8. Brand wise I would go for Sapphire, asus or XFX, all 3 are excellent brands. I have the 4850 in crossfire and I thought that a single 4850 was slightly better overall. But the difference is not that big. So ether way you get a good card.
  9. OC staat voor Overclocked en ik ga mee met de rest, ik zou eerder upgraden naar een 4850 of 4870. Een 9800GTX is helemaal geen weg gesmeten geld dat niet maar ATi kaarten zijn gwn betere Bang for the Buck op dit moment.
  10. I was just reading a review about the 4870 and it has the 9800 and the 4850 in it as well. (It,s just one review and you should never judge anything with one review. but you can always look around on the web and look at other reviews.

    here is a good site for reviews:
  11. Yes, col-p-todd has given three good choices, but from what I`ve seen here, XFX has a superb reputation for aftersales and technical support and would get my vote.
    You might try to check other sites for prices before making a purchasing decision. Although I`ve never had any problems myself with Overclockers, I have seen posts complaining about their aftersales and returns service.
    BTW the "OC" usually means "overclocked".
  12. thx everyone ive decided to take the ATI Sapphire HD4850 thx for the help everyone ^^
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