Error message network cable unplugged Windows XP laptop

"Network cable unplugged" error on HP Pavilian latop suddenly won't allow connection to internet. Cables are connected to the router and desktop working fine; rebooted; disabled and enabled; no drivers loaded for 3 network adapters apparently added with McAfee download; uninstalled McAfee, but aforementioned adapters remain w/o drivers and supposedly can't be uninstalled, as they may be used in the booting process. Downloaded McAfee and Uniblue Speed Optimizer hours prior to problem. Same on desktop, yet no issues.
Help please, as by the number of posts I've seen for this, or similar issues, are quite numerous. Sounds like a common problem with wireless networks.
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  1. Go into your network connections, and make sure your desired connection is enabled, and any extra LAN or other connections are disabled or deleted.
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