HP Pavillion WON'T Start (NO BIOS Info No Start Up

HP Pavillion a1224n WON'T START

Computer was working fine yesterday and will NOT Start today. I get Lights CPU and fans but NOT EVEN a BIOS screen? Anyone?! Thanks
Dave in Atlanta
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  1. 1st step, unplug it and leave it unplugged for 10 mins or so, then plug it back in and see if it starts.
  2. STEP 1: Clean computer inside of dust
    STEP 2: Take out memory modules and clean contacts and reseat them - try again - if not working go to step3
    STEP 3: Take out the video card ( if does have one ) and try on board ( if does have one ) - if not working go to step 4
    STEP 4: Take out ANY other addon cards like modem, tv tunner etc and try again
    STEP5: Can also disconnect PS plug ( 24 pins ) from mainboard and try shorting GREEN with any BLACK using a paper clip or a wire - PSU should turn ON - this will pretty much tell you if the PSU is OK
    STEP 6: You can disconnect Front pannel connector on mainboard and try shorting the pins for the power button - this will tell you the power button is causing the fault or not.
    Other than this if it's still not going than you might have a faulty mainboard
    Cheers and good luck
  3. If it is a dv9000, here's the solution I got from HP support today, now I realize you've done this step before so bear with me. Unplug and take out the battery. Then press the start button for 40 seconds, then plug in, do not put battery back, and start it up. You should have power
  4. P.S. I see it's not a dv9000, try it anyway, couldn't hurt
  5. After much trial-and-error, I finally figured out the solution for this common issue with certain HP Pavillion desktop models. It turns out to be a design flaw with the front-panel memory card reader. Somehow the card reader's firmware gets scrambled, and it prevents the computer from booting. You can test this on your machine by temporarily disconnecting the card reader cable at the motherboard header. Voila - I'll bet you $1 that your computer will now boot!

    The solution is buried deep inside this HP tech support document. The card reader firmware needs to be reset.

    Here\'s how to fix it once and for all:

    1) With the computer power unplugged (duh), open up the case & disconnect the card reader cable at the card reader itself - NOT the end that connects to the motherboard header. Make sure the cable end is not touching any metal components before proceeding to step 2 (another duh).

    2) With the cable still disconnected, fire up the computer. The tech support doc says to let it boot into Windows and stay there for about 5 minutes.

    3) Shut the computer down and reconnect the cable to the card reader.

    4) Turn your computer back on - your memory card reader will work and, most importantly, the computer will no longer hang at POST!

    I suspect that when you fire up the computer without the cable connected, the card reader is designed to reset its firmware by grounding out through the case - sort of like a CMOS Reset jumper on a motherboard.

    I hope this solution is helpful to others. Please feel free to drop me a line if this fix works for you:

  6. It is a known hardware issue with several HP models. There is an extended limited warenty enhancement for 24 months begining the same date as the original warenty. If it is out of warenty, you're out of luck.

    I will never buy another HP product.
  7. Furkids and johnnyzero: I did both and after a years of sitting around, I got it powered up, booted up and running!! Thanks for the advice.

    I also removed the RAM and vid card just to clean and reseat them, left the vid card out during your suggestions.

    Removing the battery, holding the start button for 40 seconds then plugging it in and turning it on got the power on, but it didn't boot to windows.

    So I turned it off, put the battery back in, then I unplugg the Mem Card Reader (not from MB) and it booted to windows!

    After that I reinserted the vid card, but the fan on the card started making a loud noise. ( i think in my cleaning and handling it I messed it up somehow-cut the crap out of my finger too). So I shut the PC down, removed the vid card and used the onboard VGA, it booted up and i proceeded to install all my software. Running XP PRo SP3, had 83 updates to run.

    I just needed it as a temporary until I get a new one. My main PC post I guess.
  8. thanks johhnyzero/johnbeekman!!!
    and ITlady for saying 'it worked' to get me feeling confident enough to try this!
    we bought this HP pavilion a-series in 2008, refurbished, at microcenter, running vista - replaced the hard drive once (under warranty luckily!) prob 2 years ago...everything was working fine. some intermittent weirdness we always have worked through.
    honestly only used the card-reader a handful of times, but i emptied an SD card of it's pictures a couple of weeks back and (maybe coincidentally) all kinda strange things began - things like the PC suddenly shutting down without anyone touching it. multiple times too, not just once twice. then BAM, the 'invent HP' bluescreen got stuck on powering up. F10 would make it say it was searching for start menu w/o ever getting there. 'esc' to the boot menu the same way. 'recovery' and the other prompt did nothing.
    in my flailing around for a fix, i downloaded some sort of a 120 Mb 'vista recovery disc' someone had burned off of discontinued original windows install files, which was supposed to be just the 'repair' portion, but the disc wouldn't boot up at all.
    then this tomshardware came up on google for me.
    it's our main family PC with a 2T external drive, but still had lots of picture i hadn't transferred to the 2T yet, so i was in dire fear of losing those. and a ton of downloaded music files most of which were way more easily replaceable than our pictures, but still.
    i've used recovery discs 2 times, once on this HP and once on an acer laptop and never saw any option come up to 'back up your files NOW' like their directions imply.
    we were running eset antivirus up until a month ago and i decided to go with the 'highly rated' avast! antivirus, their free one.... so i pretty much assumed this was some sorta trojan.
    ALL that i did was clean out dust without pulling any cards whatsoever (i didn't even disconnect the battery at the motherboard either because i was afraid it would wipe memory, unfounded belief or not i don't know), and then i disconnected the lead to the card reader AT the motherrboard, because on my model the back of the card reader is BURIED way the hell above the back of the DVD ROM. i would've been doing major disconnections of cables to be able to angle that DVD ROM out of its place to get to the back of the cardreader.
    so i disconnected it, wrapped in some tape to not short it out, and powered it up. kicked right on and after passwords, went to the main page. windows had come up with a warning that it hadn't been scanned for 6 days and i did that too. so it had been on for about 12-14 minutes with that cardreader lead disconnected working like a champ. NO viruses either btw...
    powered down normally, i disconnected power and the rest of the wires, used a pair of surgical forceps to plug the cardreader leads into the motehrboard...and every darn thing IS WORKING!
    thank you john beekman for finding that HP tech support document!
    i owe you several beers....
  9. You're very welcome. Several years ago, I posted this fix on FixYa and a couple different computer support forums. It's amazing: I still get several "thank you" emails every month. Too bad HP never issued a firmware update for the affected card readers.
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