Would resetting the Bios help ?

My motherboard Asrock4Core1600Twins-P35 has lost its lan connection, by that i mean its controller isnt listed in device manager and i cant connect to the net, have tried a USB wireless Adapter and an on board card but still no dice.
The rest of the board seems good, i can still play games and run applications just no net access.
I have contacted the shop i got it from and they said they will send an RMA sticker out.
So would resetting the Bios help and or would you just RMA it anyway.
At the time it went wrong the only changes i made was connecting a HDMI cable.
Is this something that happens or is it unusual, i mean i would have thought just the controller going but the rest being ok was unlikely

Thanks in advance
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  1. Just the HDMI cable....no other changes? I got a new BIOS version and it knocked out my internet connection. Resetting the modem fixed it. Not sure if resetting would help your case but it is easy enough to do if you haven't tried it.

    Have you started in safe mode and looked into the system hardware to see what it lists?
  2. No its not the modem, thats working fine. I can see how it would work for you, it just needed to reset to pick up the new software. I keep getting told i physically dont have a controller. I used the windows configuration utillity and it tested the connection and said i dont have a network card/controller present on the system.
    I dont understand how a motherboard works as far as which circuits connect to each other but find this really weird that it should just be the controller, if it is physically dead.
    I guess at this point a reset couldnt hurt but if it goes tits up would that cause problems with the RMA ? I just want to be sure im not missing something simple before i RMA it and get a Mail back telling me its not broke and i have to pay a fee.

  3. The only other thing I could think of would be to grab the latest LAN and chipset drivers available for your board and see if reinstalling helps. I don't understand how and HDMI cable would change anything with your mobo.
  4. Disconnect any hdmi cables and remove any wireless cards. If you have any devices installed under "network adapter" in the device manager, uninstall them. Then, reboot and try reinstalling the motherboard cd lan driver for your version of windows. If you have a conflict after reinstalling the lan driver, uninstall the lan driver and reboot, and see if windows will reinstall the device driver for you without any conflicts. The device driver will be marked if there are any conflicts. Then you can try other divices, one at a time, and see which item is causing the problem. If the lan driver works without your wireless or hdmi installed, you might try a separate pci lan card ($2-6) and see if you can use your other devices with the separate lan card instead of the onboard lan.
  5. @ SpinachEater
    No i just dont get it either, im leaning towards weird coincidence, Just had a thought though. Do you think it possable that i introduced some static somehow while connecting/unconnecting the cable ? Dont see how that would kill th eLan before teh GPU though as thats what i was connecting to. Im really grabbing at straws here :pt1cable: but as you say it just dosent make sence.

    @ o1die
    Thanks for the reply but as i said i physically dont have a "Network Adaptor" listed. I have used the device manager and a couple of diagnostic programs.

    Another thought. Is it possable that a Virus would be responsable for this ? again comon sence says not as it would be weird it stopping itself from connecting to the net.

    Oh well i guess i will just have to reset the Bios and see what happens, may as well download the updated one as well so i can try that as well if the origonal dosent work.

    Thanks guys
  6. Good luck flashing.
  7. Just by way of an update i reset the bios and now the PC wont boot at all, BSOD :??:
    Wont boot into safe mode, wont boot off a XP disc, swapped the HDD out still wont boot just gets as far as starting windows then BSOD :(
    I have been told that at this point its almost cerytainly the MOBO and RMA is the only thing left.
    Does that sound about right to you guys ? Couldnt be a GPU glitch or anything else ?

  8. BSOD from clearing the cmos? Did you flash or just short the jumpers? Can you get into BIOS at least? Is there a load default settings option of any sort? What the deuce is going on with your MOBO?
  9. SpinachEater said:
    BSOD from clearing the cmos? Did you flash or just short the jumpers? Can you get into BIOS at least? Is there a load default settings option of any sort? What the deuce is going on with your MOBO?

    Just shorted the jumpers, it wont do anything tried every thing (i think ) right from load last known good configuration down, to default optimal settings in bios.
    So anyway im getting the RMA paperwork sent through and hopefully they will find a fault.
    Any idea what i might get charged if they say its not the mobo ?

  10. Not a clue. I though I would have to pay a fee for screwing up my BIOS but the work was all done under warranty. Even if nothing is wrong maybe they will flash it just in case and it will all be covered. I never had to deal with Asrock before so who knows.
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