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I purchased the GF8200A and installed it yesterday with a new CPU, RAM, and PSU. I'm keeping my HD though, so Windows is already installed.

My issue is that the I/O ports in the back don't work. At all. PS/2 keyboard does not light up (num lock, etc.) and pressing DEL does not get me into BIOS. USB mouse does not even light up underneath (the red light from optical mouses). This leads me to believe the entire I/O panel is entirely dysfunctional. No video either when I plug into the monitor. I've tried every USB port in the back to no avail, and my case does not have front USB for me to use, so there's not really another alternative.

So, I can't get into BIOS, and I can't get into Windows either. Since I simply upgraded some hardware without formatting my HD, I need to re-register/authenticate/authorize/whatever Windows. So when windows starts, I get a yes/no dialogue box. No BIOS, no Windows because neither the keyboard nor the mouse are receiving power from the rear I/O ports!

So my question is this: is there a solution to this problem, or am I going to have to RMA my motherboard? I'm a little concerned since I have already installed the CPU+heatsink (obviously), and I've never removed one before. But I'll cross that bridge once I get there.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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  1. Check windows device manager in the control panel and determine how many drivers have a conflict or didn't load. Did you load the motherboard drivers on the motherboard cd? If not, try that first after uninstalling all the devices with a mark next to them in the device manager.
  2. I basically can't do anything. No mouse or keyboard will work, so I have no way of interfacing with the computer.
  3. I would disconnect the hardrive and try a bare post with just the keyboard, optical drive, and mouse connected. Your system is freezing up at some point due to a driver conflict from not formatting and doing a fresh windows install. If you can get the system to boot up off the windows cd, do a format and fresh install of windows. Otherwise, I would rma the board. Newegg and fry's will accept board returns up to about 30 days, sometimes longer at newegg. Ecs will have to be contacted by email for an rma number. Good luck.
  4. A correction is in order. Leave the side of the case open with the system off, then I would disconnect only the power supply lead to the hardrive. If your windows cd boots up to the first screen, then connect the power cable back to the hardrive. Many boards will detect and power up the hardrive after a post. Then try loading windows.
  5. After reading your post again, if all this sounds like too much trouble, I would just rma the board and save your hardrive data. I use newegg open box boards as temporary replacements while waiting on rma's. Use a different chipset from the 8200a. You can sell the rma return later.
  6. Actually I found the problem...I had an extra motherboard mounting screw in the case that was shorting out the board. I ended up removing all components except for CPU and a stick of ram and set the mobo on a towel outside the case and it started fine. That's when I saw the extra screw in place.

    Thanks for your help though!

  7. Hi :hello:

    I have a problem with this model GF8200A
    On Install Windows Xp.

    :fou: The problem is that I do not detect the Hard Disk :fou:

    :ouch: :pfff: keep getting a blue screen with white letters :pfff: :ouch:

    :ange: Fields can anyone help :ange:


    Thnx .... :sarcastic:
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