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Hi ppl,
I ve got this problem since last 1 month now.All of a sudden all my games started crashing withing 15-30 secs of starting any game.The Display simply goes away , sometimes if I press the windows key early enough i can return to desktop.But if the display goes away I ve to restart the system.Now the only games which I can play are the old ones which used software mode.Also I can do other stuff like watching movies and all without problems.Happens only when playing games.
First I thought that it was some driver issue , but changing to newer driver or reinstalling didnt help.Next I reinstalled the OS ,but still the problem persisted.
Next i thought that it was a failing PSU ( It was a local brand 400 W with 17 amps on 12V ).The PC ran fine with this PSU for 3 yrs though.Anyways so I changed the PSU to a coolmaster extreme 460W (12V1 - 18A ,12V2 - 18A ).But still the Problem existed .
Then I tested RAM using memtest86 overnight ,it was ok.Then tested the CPU using Prime95 and some CPU intensive encoding.No probs with CPU.Now I only thing left is my graphics card .So ppl is my graphics card goin Bad ? And I cannot test it at my frnds place cos they are all using ancient PCs.

My sys specs
AMD Athlon 64 3500 + @ 2.4 GHz
XFX 7800 GT (450/1050)
Coolmaster Extreme 460W ( 12V1-18A 12V2-18A )
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  1. when the screen cashes does the computer continue to run?
  2. If as rammar16 is asking the PC is still running when the screen dies then i'm afraid your GPU is very nearly dead. This kind of slow death happens a lot and sooner or later it will stop working all together. Best to change it sooner rather than later as there is no guarantee it wont die in a big puff of purple smoke. A PC is no place for defective hardware.

  3. maybe the craphics card is just overheating, have you cleaned the dustbunnies out off the heatsink? I'd think after 3 years there would be some...
  4. Your GPU may be dying, or it could be that aging capacitors in your PSU have finally rendered it unable to stably support the load. Since this could mean your rails may be very unstable, other parts of your system may be in danger of being smoked as well. A multimeter or common PSU tester will not test for this problem. A 450W PSU is sufficient; just the age of this one may have caught up to it.
  5. The temps are fine.checked the temps when I was able to go to desktop .It hovers around 65 - 75 degrees.Cant be a failing PSU cos I just changed the old one to a new Coolmaster extreme 460 W.
  6. Try this; download both Rivatuner and ATITool. Install both. Run Rivatuner in monitor mode which will clearly show all the temperatures of the card, then open ATITool and run the `Scan for artifacts` test. This will load up the GPU and allow you to keep a close eye on temperatures.
    One way or another this will either prove/disprove overheating to be the cause.
    Also, try a full virus scan, but either do it in safe mode of offline (you do n`t want to be re-infected instantly, do you?)
  7. Sounds pretty good that your video card has gone bad. Follow the suggestion coozie7 made, that'll let you determine for sure what's going on.
  8. @ coozie7
    I tried doing what you suggested.Fired up the Rivatuner and did scanning for artifacts on ATI tool.Within 10 seconds I lost my Display and my GPU temps were around 75 degrees at the time.Had no choice but to restart using reset button.Guess my gfx card is going bad , what do u say ?
  9. Rivatuner does lag slightly but only by a few seconds, so I guess 75C was about right as a reading and is well within safe range for a GPU.
    I do n`t think even a loaded GPU will exceed its maximum temperature in a few seconds, it just takes longer than that to put enough heat into the cooler to raise its temperature that far.
    One last check before admitting the card is dying, (If you`ve not done this already ;) )
    Check your CPU temperature and run Memtest to test system memory, if either are bad that can cause an instant system-wide crash.
    Otherwise it`s off to the E-tailers for a new card :cry: .
  10. @ coozie7
    Hi thnx for replying. Well my CPU temps are around 39-42 degrees all the time . And I tried doing some CPU intensive tasks like encoding and Zipping some very large files using winrar.No crashes .Also ran memtest overnight to be just sure.No problems were reported.
  11. This is a long shot but why not...

    I have seen some wackiness on a 6800GT where the analog video port was dying and I thought the card was completely gone. Right before I threw it out I decided to try the DVI connector and what do you know, that port worked fine. Still using that card to this day.

    They sell adapters cheap if you don't have what you need already. Maybe worth a shot. Also it could be the other way around obviously that the dvi dies and analog works depending on what you already use. I haven't checked the specs on your card but I am guessing it comes with both types.

    On second thought I am guessing that card doesn't come with an analog port so maybe you can try the other dvi if you haven't.
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