Unable to load o/s from recovery cd after changing hard drive

I'm not normally a computer fixit person but knew that changing a hard drive out wasn't a horribly hard task, little did I know that after doing so I'd run into trouble reloading o/s from the original recovery disc. Now need help on what's gone wrong. Using a Toshiba a215-85818 with windows vista, when I go through the recovery wizard it starts to load windows but then comes up with an error message of 03-EEEE-0000. What is this and how do I fix it? Need in really simple terms if you can please help. Thanks.
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  1. It is likely looking for the hidden recovery partition on the original HDD, which contained the original OS files and drivers for your computer.
  2. What software did you use to clone the old drive?
    Acronis True Image, Paragon, Clonezilla (Free) are good and keep everything as it was before. No need to reload the O/S.
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