How to recover all partitions with data.

my system config:
Intel core 2 due E6600
chipset version AAD41691-301
chipset -P965/G965
3Gb ram
2.4 Ghz
250 Gb-sata HDD

Currently I 'm using 250 gb sata hdd.
my partion details:
C:30 gb----- OS (win xp sp2) -free space -23 gb
D:30 gb -free space -26 gb
E:130 gb -free space -48 gb
F:40 gb -free space -5 gb

(currently i'm using symantec and anti malwarebytes and zone alarm for protect my comp.)

My computer freeze cursur cannot move at the time.Once i format my "D drive" using win xp cd (slow mode not quick format) it cannot move 6% in 3 hours.

then i restart,
again i try to format my C Drive
but,C drive is unknown partition then i choose C drive to quick format.
but,setup was unable to format the partition the disk may be damaged.You must select a different partition to windows xp.ENTER.
then i press enter - no effect
then restart , my all partitions are collapsed.
Please note my mistake to correct for me.

How to recover my partitions with datas (my important datas only in E and F drive)

Currently i connect this(250gb) HDD with other(160gb) HDD.
But,The disk is unknown and unallocated 230gb .

How to recover my partitions with datas using norton partion magic. or ??????????

Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery is recover hdd data or windows?
Please explain the uses of Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery.

please send step by step procedures to me.
Please hep me to recover my datas.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. please any one send a reply.

    I think,TeskDisk is stable for me.But, it recover my iso files (its size is 6gb-single file) this is possible or not?

    How to contact TeskDisk to mail.

    How to save recovered files to other HDD using TeskDisk?
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