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AVG claims to find and remove the Wombat virus. I have used AVG for years and first, AVG let the virus in and now, even though I see "Wombat" flash on the Task Manager menu, AVG is not finding it when I do a scan. Any suggestions???? Thanks.
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  1. Malwarebytes is a professional virus removal tool. It feee and effective removing current viruses. AVG is a virus prevention/removal app. Unfamiliar with the wombat.

  2. Thanks for answering....I forgot to mention that I have run Malwarebytes, CCleaner, HiJackThis, and SpyBot.....nothing finds it. Task Manager is one of my favorite Windows programs :lol: so I am always checking it...that is how I found out Wombat was on my computer...it flashes on, then it is gone for a while. I Googled it and found out that that is exactly what the Wombat virus does. But, have not yet found a way to get rid of it other than AVG claiming to be able to clean it.....I update AVG all the time....Someplace (I forget where) claims that the Wombat virus has been around since 2006, so something I have should know about it, don't you think?
  3. You might give a read over aford10's malware guide for ideas. I fresh install of XP may be your only option if trying all that produces no results. Faster reinstalling XP than running and trying to make all those apps work for you.

  4. Now, I did find a list of files created by the Wombat virus (a Trojan, they say) and I did a manual search for some. of these files and only found one so far and deleted it (wupdmgr.exe) manually. I have not yet gone through the registry files. There are 40+ files listed and I just haven't had the time yet to manually do a search for each one individually. That is why I am looking for a software to help me find all these and get rid of them....:)
  5. Yeah, years ago my son's friend was visiting and when He left the computer had like 26,347 instances of viruses. I spent a few hours googling and then deleting registry entries and got it working. I ended up just reinstalling XP and calling it success.
  6. I have been thinking that reinstalling XP was going to be the final answer, but it happened Sunday and it is only Tuesday, so I thought I would try one last act of defiance.....
  7. You are stronger than me. You go girl. ;)
  8. Did you download and run malwarebytes and spybot in safe mode with networking? If not, a malware infection can suppress your scanners. The results they show may not be accurate. That is the reason there is a very specific method in my guide. There is less of a chance that the malware will be active in safe mode, allowing your scanners to do their job.
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