Best High-end Gaming PC configuration to beat all games until 2015

Please help me get the best available PC configuration to play high-end games which would beat the PS3 and XBOX 360 Gaming consoles.
I need a configuration which would beat every upcoming game until 2015.
My budget is around $1600 USD.
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  1. forget it buddy, even a 3000 dollar system wouldnt be future proof for more than 2 years maybe three.....when it comes to games anyway.
  2. There's no way that's possible. You could build something pretty darn nice for $1600 but it would be only an "average" computer by 2013 for sure.
  3. way that you'll be able to keep a game from 5 years in the future. Processing power (CPU and GPU) increase rapidly, as do the requirements for games. You could spend a fortune and still be behind in a few years.
  4. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum

    Any PC >$700 can defeat the XBOX 360 and PS3.

    Till 2015? The answer is easy. NONE.
  5. ninjawarlord said:
    I need a configuration which would beat every upcoming game until 2015.
    My budget is around $1600 USD.

    You can build a really descent machine for $1600, today in 2010, but not one that will attain the goal you're after game until 2015.

    However there is a difference from just being able to play a game, to being able to maximize and take advantage of all the game has to offer, in that respect $1600 for an entire machine monitor and all, may struggle to get you there today with games like Crysis.

    But that does depend on your gaming intentions as monitor resolutions you plan on running, eye candy you want to be enabling in the game itself, Etc.

    We'll see some major hardware changes between present day and 2015, we'll see game developers change hands, some go under, and possibly some new designers to the market, all trying to design to take advantage of newer hardware.

    The best you can hope for is a system viable enough to get you through next year and even that will probably cost more than $1600 for an entire machine.

    So can you set your sights lower, to make helping you a possibility and not an impossible dream?
  6. as a reference, i had a old machine that cost around 2500CAD, think 2000usd at the time, and that lasted about 5 years after a gfx upgrade and a ram upgrade (extra 200?), and by year 5 it was painful to game at its intended resolution of 1280*1024 (most machines at the 5 year mark runs at 1600*1200 or higher, like 1920*1200), and that 2k mark had no monitor and no kb and mouse, just the machine with a dvd burner.
  7. That would not happen. Tech is always changing..
  8. none !
  9. due to cost (target market , price point) , power and heat constraints in a limited space , i can safely say that current pc gaming hardware will stay superior to even the next gen consoles whenever they are released .
  10. Ninja there are plenty of guides and areas where you can ask for advice in building a nice gaming machine for any budget, be sure to surf the forums a bit and check it out!
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