Few questions about overclocking

hey guys i have some questions about overclocking.

1. What is the max safe core voltage for a Q6600 on air cooling?

2.how do i know whether the core voltage for the CPU is too much for it? Is there some kind of an alarm or warning?

3. Is it true that the lifetime of a CPU gets reduced when its overclocked? Is it only the CPU or will other parts also reduce their lifetime?
How many years (approx) will a Q6600 run with stock speeds?
How many years (approx) will a Q6600 run after overclocked between 3.5 - 4.5 Ghz?

4. Can someone give me a good link to overclocking DDR3 RAM? (i found some guides but they are for old RAMs such as DDR)

5. Is it necessary to increase MCH\ICH voltages when overclocking? If so how do i know when to raise them?

6. Will any programmes or games give problems when they are run on an overclocked PC?

7. I have heard some ppl saying that when a Q6600 is overclocked beyond 3.5, 3.6 Ghz the computer will tend to slow down? Is it true? Why?
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  1. 1. Intel's recommended max is 1.5 volts. I think Intel's absolute max is 1.6 volts.

    2. No warning. It's up to you.

    3. Theoretically, yes. Practically, no. A lot of threads here on this. seek and ye may find. If you stay within Intel's recommended max of 1.5 volts and keep the temps below 70 C, the PC will be obsolete long before it wears out. And I have never seen a Q6600 Prime95 stable at 4 GHz, let alone 4.5 GHz.

    4. I can't. I use DDR2 RAM with my Core2 systems.

    5. I don't. Once you are up to around where you want to be (frequency, that is) and you are searching for stability, it's one of the things you can try.

    6. In my experience, no.

    7. Not true. Why would it?
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