Overclocking 9400 GT

I have an EVGA NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT. I wish to overclock it. Is this safe? What would be the best optimum overclocking values for these specifications of my computer?

Operating System
: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit (6.1, Build 7600) (7600.win7_rtm.090713-1255)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: Dell Inc
System Model: Studio 540
BIOS: BIOS Date: 06/04/09 16:31:28 Ver: 0.0.1
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E7500 @ 2.93GHz (2 CPUs), ~2.9GHz
Memory: 4096MB RAM
Available OS Memory: 4062MB RAM
Page File: 1353MB used, 6766MB availabe
DirectX Version: DirectX 11
DX Setup Parameters: Not found
User DPI Setting: Using System DPI
System DPI Setting: 96 DPI (100 percent)
DWM DPI Scaling: Disabled
DxDiag Version: 6.01.7600.16385 32bit Unicode

The 9400 GT has served me fine, unlike what people in this forum have told me. I am not looking for a better graphics card, I simply am asking about overclocking.
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  1. That was not my question. I'm asking someone who has had experience with overclocking this graphics card what the optimal results were. I'm not looking for a sassy answer.

    IF not overclocking is truly the best answer, then so be it.
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    I vote to not overclock that card, it will yield about a 2% increase at best. When it comes to overclocking Nvidia cards, the only ones that will benefit are the x600 series cards or higher.

    Example: I was able to overclock an 8600 GT to get about a 9% gain as it had the proper cooling and was built with a little headroom to OC. I was not able to OC an 8400 much at all due to the design of the card and lack of cooling support, and what little OC i did get did not make any difference at all in games, only minimal results in benchmarks.
  3. Thank you very much, Sir
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