need help on speakers for surround sound on pc

Hi. I like to create a surround sound system for my pc. I'm thinking of getting this, but I'm also thinking of other ways like building my own set of speakers if it would be better, like it would sound better and more powerful and also would be cheaper.

1. will building my own set of speakers be better in terms of surround sound quality and also the power a full tower speaker would give?

2. if i would build my own speaker, is there any way that i could convert a speaker wire(2 wires, left and right) into a 3.5 jack that would fit the slots on my onboard sound card?

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  1. Well, the speaker u are looking at is quite good, but I recommend that you build your own sound system. I had a friend that built his own sound system (using just sb 5.1) and it sound wonderful (before he broke his soundcard somehow). so in my opinion:

    1. Yes, you will get a better sound output by customizing your speaker.

    2. There is a jack that will allow you to convert a speaker wire into a 3.5 jack.

    But be reminded to spread your speaker around your room (Preferably hang them on the wall). And by doing this you will have to adjust your speaker volume manually (which is a bit annoying)but if you have a gaming keyboard that would be great since you can control the volume from the keyboard (especially when u're in a middle of a game).

    Don't forget to protect your cables, especially the ones going on the floor (you dont want to stumble upon them and accidentally unplug the jack)

    It is more expensive to build your own sound system u know...
  2. can you give me a link on how to convert the speaker wire to 3.5 jack? what happened to your friend's soundcard? why did it break? was it because of the speakers?
  3. try looking the turtle beach website, at the accessories section, it cost around $5. I dont really know why it broke, but surely not because of the speaker, nothing has to do with it. Probably a power failure, but dont worry about that, I'm sure you'll be fine.
  4. 3.5mm Stereo Male to Dual RCA Female Y-Adapter
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