4850 driver issues advise please

After spending weeks and weeks deciding the set up of a new rig and planning on a HD 4850 with a quad 6600 vista 64 bit with 4gb and a DS3 mobo I talked to the guy in the small independent shop I was going to to have build it (I have 10 left thumbs and havn't a clue how to build) and he said the 4850 has a shed load of driver problems especially regarding older games and he would never get one. I have dealt with the shop before and not been steered wrong but now I am left wondering what to do and started looking at an 8800gt as budget is already beyond stretched and could do without the extra for an 8800gts. or a 9800GTX.

I do like some of my old games (KOTR, TOCA2) but i'ill be running my old rig side by side for a while so its not a massive deal, but I don't want to have to swap drivers on the new rig every time I play a different game.

Is there any truth in this....
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  1. Really the problem may be Vista and the old games, not the 4850. If the games play on a systme with XP with the service packs install then they will play on Vista.
  2. I initially had problems with CAT 8.7 and QuakeIII based games. But they were fixed in 8.8 :)

    No truth in it at all.
  3. Ya no that's not true. I have not heard anything but good about that card and have heard not a thing about driver issues with older games. And believe me, I do a lot of research on ATI/AMD type stuff.
  4. the guy obviously has a shed load of nvidia cards he wants to get rid of, you'll not have any problems with the 4850
  5. One thing I will say is that they have had issues with some games because the ati drivers switch gpu/memory speeds quickly when moving from pure 3d to 2d menus (an effort to save power I believe). This causes crashes for some people.

    I think older games get hit harder because some of them tend to have more 2d/3d flipping back and forth.

    There is a huge thread about this on the ati support forums. I ran into the issue myself. I would constantly have crashes when I would go into my menus but it would work fine as long as I kept playing the 3d game.

    What you had to do was manually manipulate a file and basically set it to always run at the same settings. That worked for me. More recently I tried the 8.10 drivers and haven't had a problem with them without having to make those changes. From looking at the files in 8.10 it looks like they set speeds constant.

    So at this point I can tell you that I am not having issues anymore.
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