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Hello, I built a brand new computer and things were working fine at first. I was getting BSOD's occasionally though. One day i went to go on the internet and the computer just shut off. I tried turning it back on and it would boot for a second, then turn off. And Now it doesnt even do that, it just does not start up.. I thought i did something to the power supply so i returned it and received a new one. I put it in today but it STILL doesnt turn on... no fans start up or anything, just the power button flashes for a quick second. The motherboard has two lights on it when i have the cpu, motherboard and 1 stick of ram plugged in, which the colors are blue led and yellow led. I dont know what to do or how to find out whats wrong with what... Its not the power supply, but maybe the MB itself?

My Specs Are:
Motherboard - Nvidia 780i
Power Supply - Antec 650W
Ram - two 2gb Gskill DDR2
CPU - Q6600
Gfx - 9800gtx
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  1. also, at first the MB has a blue LED on, then when i press the power button it doesnt turn on but it then shows a yellow LED
  2. Take the motherboard out of the case and turn it on outside of the case. Perhaps there is a short circuit between the motherboard and the case causing it to not turn on.
  3. how would i turn it on outside of the case? like where would i put it, on the floor? or hold it?
  4. Put it on a cardboard box or some kind of nonconducting material.

    I would also take a look at the Power button/LED connectors from the case to the MB.
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