Crazy Idea?

Well, I just thought of something that may be possible, but I'm not sure if it would work, or where to find parts for it.

I was sleeping last night, when I thought that maybe there was a way to hook up a boatload of 8GB USB Flash Drives using some USB to SATA Converters (Do they exist?), and put them all into a RAID-0 array. I know this may not be the most practical way to go, but considering the fact that a flash drive is $18 on NewEgg compared to a $215 64-gb SSD, I'm rather interested in it. I'm not sure whether or not this is even worth trying, if it's possible at all. Is this even worth thinking about? I'm wondering whether or not these flash drives would have built-in USB Controllers that would make it impossible to get them to be detected as SATA drives in order to RAID them.

Any input on this?
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  1. THG did something similar a year or so ago....I remember the photo of "wire spaghetti"
  2. Any links to that? This seems like an interesting thing to test... not sure how much faster, if at all, this would be compared to a regular HDD...
    And does anyone know of any place to find a USB to SATA converter? Everywhere I look, I find things that you can plug into your hard drive and then into a USB port, but I need something the other way around...
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