Problems playing HD 1080 video with decent hardware.

Quick note: I apologize if this is in the wrong section on the forum to be posting this topic, but I couldn't find where else I could post this that would make it relevant to the specific board.

I downloaded Dark Knight HD 1080 trailer (The format was .MOV) to see how HD looked on my computer, but it was choppy running on Quicktime 7.4.5 and on VLC media players.

My hardware that I ran it on is as follows:

Asus 5PQ Pro
Wolfdale dual core 3.16
Corsair Dominator 1066
Geforce 9800 gx2 Evga
Western Digital SE16 640Gig HDD
Onboard audio

All my hardware is running at stock settings and with Vista Ultimate 32.

I've downloaded the latest Drivers for my video card and my onboard sound card. The rest of my installed drivers are all from the CD that came with the motherboard. I'm too lazy to individually update everything from the Asus website, but I'm not sure if that would matter.

Is my hardware good enough to run blue ray disk or even run HD 1080? What could I do to solve this problem? :bounce:

Input is greatly appreciated as always.
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  1. Please download and run GraphEdit.
    Open the video file you are trying to play and post a screen shot of that please.

    Use a good video codec such as coreavc for HD videos.

    You may be using a poor video codec for playback which is causing poor playback. Your PC is more then capable of playing 1080p video.

    If you need to change the merit levels for the codecs to the one you need you can use RadLights Filter Manager for this.
  2. I downloaded and installed coreacv but it didn't help any. Only thing I noticed is that I can play the video in windows media player now with a lot better picture quality than quicktime and VLC media players, but it still has that choppy effect and there's no sound. :sweat:

    Here's some snapshots I uploaded to tinypic:

    Played on windows media

    Here's the same shot running on Quicktime (Not sure what causes this in Quicktime but it looks nasty compared to the wm playback)

    The quality of the snapshots were degraded slightly after I uploaded them.

    Btw, I'm running an LG 22" 1680 X 1050 L227WTG-PF at native resolution.

    I don't understand what marit levels are, or how RadLights Filter Manager would work, so if you could explain that to me I'd appreciate it.

    Thanks for the input so far!!!
  3. A screenshot of using GraphEdit would be good :)

    It basically show me what codecs the video is using along with sound.
    Which by the sounds of it you have none installed.

    Merit levels control which codecs are going to be used.
    Higher level filter will get used over the other.
    For example if you had 2 codecs which are able to play h.264 video then the one with the higher merit will be used.
    You will want in this case coreavc to have a higher merit level over the others.
    Coreavc has a option in the config of the filter.
    Under options tick "Preferred decoder"
    This will set a high merit value for coreavc.

    VLC and Quicktime? I think they use their own internal codecs.
    So you will need to use wmp, mpc, zoom, bsplayer etc (Media Player Classic would be my pick)

    GraphEdit -
    RadLights Filter Manager -

    Also when you say choppy effect is this when the camera is panning over something?, as its possible its like that in the video.
    If you can run Fraps and watch the FPS when playing to see if it stays locked at 24FPS the whole time.
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