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Reinstalled Windows on a new HD. The ethernet card is part of the Foxcomm G33M02 board, but won't install: can't find the driver. I dunno why it is not right there in the board. Can't seem to find it on the net.
Got a source?

Is there a way I can direct the wizard to look in the CMOS or something like that?

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  1. you have to know what company made the Ethernet board, model number, and download the driver from the manufacturer's website.
    you have to turn off security before loading the driver.
    other than that, Ethernet cards are very cheap and the driver is included on disk, usually.
  2. this is a OEM motherboard for Dell.

    Either download the drivers from Dell, or on Foxconn's website it is listed as the G33M-S.

    final option go to the Realtek website and find the drivers for a RTL8110SC.
  3. Turned out the driver was on an installation disk that came with the Dell computer. Wasn't part of the motherboard after all. Someone had to point this out to me.

    Thanks for all the other suggested pathways.

  4. Just installed W7, now the USB ports don't work anymore. Is there a drver availablke somewhere for USB at a G33M02?
  5. I reloaded Windows 7 and all problems were gone!
    The G33M02 runs fine on the 64 bist system and the 32 bit Windows 7
    I tried both: runs perfect: thanks for your help!
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