Unwanted system resets with unknown cause


My computer started having random resets while loading/using Windows (it could happen while the OS was loading, while I played a game or while I surfed the internet). All this started a few days/weeks ago. Then, I did not have the time to take care of the problem so I left it like this. In the meantime, though, the situation has gone more critical so that Windows no longer starts and the pc resets/locks-up while loading the OS.

My pc config is: asus p5wdh deluxe, e8400 @ 3.00GHz, corsair 4gb ram, sapphire ati radeon x1950xtx 512 mb gddr4, 1 SATA 250gb hdd + 1 IDE 200gb hdd, sound blaster x-fi xtreme gamer, fortron epsilon 600w PSU, dvd-rom + dvd-ram, running winxp service pack 3.

I would like to mention that I have re-installed windows in the meantime (for about three times). It went fine for a day or so, bu then the resets started again. I disconnected all devices except for the hdd with the Os on it, RAM and the video board. I even changed the RAM memory with some older sticks that I had and still no solution. I have tried booting from a BartPE CD, with my HDD's disconnected with no result (the system would lock up just after passing the Windows XP logo screen). I changed the 6-pin PCI-E power cable with the second one coming out of the PSU, I disabled the Ethernet connection, I moved the video board to the second PCI-E slot with no result.

I suspect that something might be wrong with the PSU or with the mainboard (btw, the BIOS version is the latest version available on the ASUS website).

Any help will be appreciated because I no longer know what I could do.
I did not yet replace the PSU, the MB, the CPU and the video board, but this could take time, as I need to involve somebody who can lend me these componenets.

I thank you for any help and sorry for my english.
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  1. My first thoughts were PSU on it's way out too. Do you know anyone with a spare you can borrow to test?
  2. does it still do it when not overclocked? memtest from a floppy boot disk? other than that PSU+1.
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