evga gtx 260 216 core issues with MSI P7n Plaitnum

I just got a evga gtx 260 216 core but it does not fit into my MSI P7N platinum board. The problem is that there is some audio connector on the board that catches against the bottom of the card preventing it to seat properly. So I have it running in the second pci ex slot. The board has 3 pci ex slots, the first is pci ex 2.0 x16 and the other two are pci ex 2.0 x8 if i'm not mistaking. I would just like to know if the card will have full performance in the pci ex 2.0 x8 slot?
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  1. I had the same problem, but i just pushed and pulled the connector block back and forth till the pins snapped and now it fits perfectly in the 16x slot. It still fitted with the block there, just needed to go down another mm or two. Its not as if i use that block anyway.
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