What to change other than multiplier to increase memory speed to 1200

just looking for some help getting my ram to run at its rated speed. I have 4G of OCZ ddr2 1200 flex ex ram on a gigabyte
GA-MA790X-UD4 motherboard which is supposed to support ddr1200 and a new AMD phenom II X4 965 processor which runs at 3.4MHZ. The problem is that the memory clock multiplier only goes to X5.33 which gives me 1066, so what do i adjust to get to 1200? If i change the CPU host clock control to manual and adjust the cpu frequency up from the 200MHZ that it's on now to something close that the multiplier will add up to 1200 will that work? Also if i do that i am guessing i will have to reduce the cpu multiplier to keep the processor at its stock 3.4 MHZ, correct?

Hope you guys can answer my nub question, thanks
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  1. If you are not going to overclock your processor, there's no point trying to overclock your RAM at all.
  2. is it really overclocking the ram if its supposedly ddr2 1200? its not that i won't overclock the processor if needed but was mainly trying to get the ram to run at the indicated speed and wanted to see if i could get the divider down from 3:8 whilst keeping temps reasonable and the system stable.
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