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I am facing an issue right now with the rendering time of graphics. I am using a software called Poser to make talking heads with various head movements and wire frames for hair strands. The problem I am facing right now is that each time a render is made it takes close to 3 days to complete. I found out about the 3d render cards like ARTVPS PURE P1800 rendering card which reduces the rendering time to a great extent is used only for these purpose. Is it true? And if it is then is this the best rendering card? Can anyone give me names of few other good rendering cards? And what could be the computer configuration needed to run a card like that? My current computer configuration is :

processor = Intel core 2 deo 2.4GHz,
Motherboard = Intel 945 GCNL,
RAM = 4 GB DDR-2 (667 fsb),
hard disk = 160 GB sata
GF 8400GS 512 MB DDR2 of nvdia (graphics card)

Can someone direct me in the right direction?
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  1. First off, you want something with more oomph than a 8400. Secondly, both NVIDIA and ATI have specialised cards for this type of work. Someone else would be better qualified to answer this question though, but thats my take on it right now.
  2. 1. By the looks of your motherboard you seem to be running a E4x00/E6x00 CPU. You may be able to benefit from a Quad core.

    2. More RAM might help (providing you have a x64 OS). I usually put 8GB on a CAD workstation (and reduce Pagefile to 2GB).

    3. If you are doing VERY serious renderings yes, a workstation card(FireGL,etc) would certenly help. Be aware that these cards are usually $500+ for the midrange cards. Highend can be as much as $1200+

    Imo, usually renderings are limited by RAM and CPU (and sometimes HDD) than the GPU in most cases I have seen.
  3. Here is a true case of speed cost's money, just how fast do you want to go?

    The 8400 you have is not much of a 3D rendering card. You could go with something like a 9800 series for around $150 for a budget fix. Nvida has the Quadro line, and ATI has the Fire line of 3D rendering cards., I would suggest starting with checking the reviews on them.

    The ARTVPS Pure 1800 card cost $4000 new a few years ago, and I don't know if they even still make them. I have seen some for sale used for as low as $2500, but it has been a while.
    I would venture to say that you could buy a modern Quadro or Fire GL in the range of $500 to $700 that would be just as fast as the older Pure 1800.

    Also, it is important to know exactly what version of Poser you are running.
    Some of the older versions are pretty CPU dependant, the newer versions are able to make much better use of a powerful Rendering GPU. How much CPU power is the program using in your task manager while doing this intense rendering? You need to check that and see how well your CPU is holding up as well. If it is like 50-75% most of the time, your fine with your CPU. More than that, you might benefit from a Quad. Does it appear to be utilizing both cores?
  4. u need a better processor and more ram with 64bit operating system. graphic cards help alot in visualization but do not improve rendering time. adding more ram is the cheapest solution. a 9800 card is a good suggestion.
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