Task bar menu does not show customize

Task Notification Bar (System Tray)

The icons appearing in the System Tray at the extreme right of the Task Bar can be managed by clicking on Start at the extreme left of the Task Bar, then Settings, then Task Bar and Start Menu, then Task bar. Check Hide inactive icons and click Customize. A menu appears showing Current and Past icons. Click on any you wish to alter the status of. The new settings will be activated after you restart the computer.
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  1. The thread topic is: Task bar menu does not show customize

    OK, now what? In your description of your non-problem, you forgot to say that to "hide inactive icons" and "group similar icons" is the Microsoft way of treating absolute morons. It allows users to run out of RAM and have a sluggish system, and a much delayed startup of Windows, making them an easy kill for predatory service shops to do un-necessary work to "speed up" people's computers by unloading the taskbar programs at startup.

    You do err saying a restart is needed to effect changes, they happen as soon as a user clicks "apply."
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