Help with my temps (8800GTX running 68 C!!!) Speedfan

Hello, I just installed speedfan on my pc. I was going to try and OC My q6600 but instead I see that my 8800gtx is running at 68 C. Good god that's a real high temp, so I took the door off of my case and put my finger on the "Shroud" yep, it's real hot to the touch. should I be worried, I haven't ever seen any artifacts (that I can recognize, I'm not the most Tech Savvy individual out there) or anything in any games. that is all at the moment. I don't have a previous temp to compare it with or anything.
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  1. "Good god that's a real high temp,"

    Not Really. Seems like a reasonble GPU temp to me.

    Max temp is over 100c, I think around 105c

  2. Oh, sorry like I said before I'm not the most tech savvy individual out there, I saw the little flame in speedfan and I got pretty scared. Thanks for assuaging my fears.
  3. That was probably idle temps and are pretty high
  4. 80-90 is average
    115 is threshhold
    127 burnout

    Remove the dust from the fan. Reapply thermal paste if you like.
  5. This is normal for a fan cooled 8800 GTX and may hit 85-90C under heavy load.
  6. I get 53 degrees with the 8800GTX underclocked as much as possible in nTune and idle, and I have 5 case fans. I guess that's about the minimum temp you'll ever see for a 8800GTX with the stock cooler. With the default clocks (or a bit higher, since I have a factory overclocked card) I get 80 degrees, and it still works fine.

    What I'd suggest is to download nTune (from nVidia's site), install it, then right click the nVidia Settings icon in the Windows taskbar, select nVidia Control Panel, then use that program to configure the card so that the fan runs on automatic. That will make it work like mine - the fan works harder when you're playing 3D games and the temperature stays reasonable.
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