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Hi guys,

I was wondering if my current power supply (Cooler Master RS430) is enough for my system if I buy an HD4870 graphics card.

Current system:
Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450 @ Stock (with stock cooler)
OCZ 4GB PC8000
Samsung 400GB SataII hard drive
DVD Rewriter
MSI P35 Neo2-FR
Currently a X1950Pro card, but I'm about to buy a new one

My Coolermaster power supply has 14A on the 12V1 line and 15A on the 12V2 line. Does anyone know if that's enough to run a HD4870?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. A Radeon HD 4870 has been measured to consume about 130w - 132w by xbitlabs.com; that works out to about 11 amps under full oad.

    Technically, your PSU should be able to handle it, but many times manufacturers list peak amps instead of constant amps.

    You need to look at your PSU's sticker to find out more info. If it states that the 12v1 and 12v2 lines can produce 348w combined [that's 12v x 29a], then you should be fine.
  2. Thanks for your help. The sticker says exactly what I said (because I looked it up before I posted :P), so 29A combined. So that means my PSU could handle it? It's a Coolermaster PSU, so not an extremely cheap 430 Watt one, so I think those are constant amps and not peak amps.

    And do you think my PSU is powerful enough to run the card along with the rest of my components? I'd like a few more replies as confirmation, because I don't like to be surprise that I do need a more powerful PSU. If I do, I'd go for an HD4850 instead.
  3. That powersupply will do for all your components plus the 4870. Coolermaster doesn't make the best PSU's but their PSU's are relatively reliable.
  4. If you look up the 4870x2 they say min 30amps on the 12 rail so I don't know where you got the 11amps from? also maybe the single is less I have lots of USB annd hard drives extream 3ghz cpu and the 4870x2 and a therm cpu cooler and a few fans when I looked up all the power my system should have a 834w power box I did have a new enermax liberty 620w and had some funky things going on and blamed Vista but now I have a PC POWER & COOLING 750W and no more problems runs smooth as can be. all the problems went away. I have a BMW 540IA and when the battery goes it does funny things also so maybe power is very important! here is a link you can add up the power your system uses, http://extreme.outervision.com/PSUEngine
  5. Thanks for the link phantomsys. I entered my complete system and added a few modifications I might do in the near future (such as two HDD's instead of one, and a few casefans), and it says the system would use 386 Watts, so 430 should do fine I think.

    Thanks all. Time to order the card :D
  6. There are 5 different coolermaster rs430's listed on this site with max 12v ranging from 14 amp to 32 amp. Keep in mind, while it's possible 14V+15V=29V, it's very likely the max is lower than 29A.


    IMO, with 29A or less, that's a weak PSU for the 4870 and C2 Quad.
  7. Mine is the eXtreme Power RS-430-PCAR/PCAP, with as I said before about 29A max. I'll just try it out and see what happens.
  8. Gotcha. I thought you had possibly just added the two, which may or may not be accurate. In your case, luckily it is.

    A 4850 would be fine I'd think, 4870.. fingers crossed it will be stable. Let us know how it goes.
  9. Wow, the HD4870 was quite cheap for a moment in a few shops (about €170,-), but now suddenly it's back at €210+ again. I think I'll buy an HD4850 then. Too bad...
  10. I'm in a similar situation. I'm also upgrading/building a new rig. I have an Antec TruePower Trio 650. Will this be enough for 2 4870's or perhaps 2 4870 x2 both in Xfire setups?
  11. 650 is fine, I think. But it's not for 2 times a 4870 x2. Would suggest a 750-800 for that.
  12. hello people.need some help with my psu...xpower 580w...i'm gonna post some detailed specifications...
    GTX Light 580 28A 30A 16A 20A 16A 0.8A 2.5A
    170W 360W 9.6W 12.5W
    Supports the newest specifications of ATX12V & EPS12V
    Supports systems with multi-core CPU and GPU technologies
    Ultra Quiet Technology for very low noise operation and optimal cooling design for gamer (<25dB at 80% load)
    Honeycomb ventilation design ensures maximum airflow
    PCI-Express connectors support high-end multi-GPU graphic cards
    Independent output circuitry for each voltage output, overcomes the limitations of traditional combined output design
    Multiple safety features to ensure maximum stability under the most severe operation conditions
    High Efficiency (>80%)
    Excellent Protection functions provide maximum reliability:
    Over-Power Protection (OPP), Over-Voltage Protection (OVP) and Short-Circuit Protection (SCP) circuits ensure system well guarded from dangers
    100% Hi-pot, chroma & Burn-in function tested

    GTX Light 580
    Universal 20 + 4 Pin Main ATX Power Connector X 1
    4 Pin+12V Power Connector x 1
    4 Pin (for HDD, CD-ROM..etc) x 4
    Floppy Connector (4 Pin) X 1
    Serial ATA Power Connector X 3
    4 Pin Molex to 6Pin PCI-Express Adaptor x 2
    4 Pin Molex to 8(4+4) pin +12V Power Adaptor x 1

    i have an acer(phenom x4 q 9550,5gb ddr2, wdc 320gb,Dvd+rw,256 mb 8600gt now...thinking to upgrade...to a hd 4870 or 9800gtx...i have 2 questions...
    1-is this psu compatible with amd platforms?(i have ati 780g+sb700)
    2-it will hold the graphic card well?
    thx,waiting for reply...
  13. Yes to both.
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