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Just purchased a new processor to add some extra life into my pc, decided to install new processor and do full system reinstall. The processor is a single core Pentium 4 3.4Ghz 1MB cache, socket 775 and mobo is ASRock 775v88+. Previously i had a single core Celeron D 2.8 Ghz installed and despite slow speeds, was working fine.

After installing this new processor, my pc keeps restarting randomly, I cant even install windows! (As in my pc starts up, then starts loading from install disk and then it just restarts!) Sometimes its just about to start loading from disk and then restarts, otherwise it loads from disk for a while and then before i even see the setup screen it restarts! It also sometimes restarts while im in BIOS (rarely though).

The only things I can think of that maybe causing the problem is either a faulty CPU (I bought it from ebay, but if it was faulty surely the bios won't recognise it? cause the bios does recognise it correctly. And even then surely it wouldnt even start loading setup files from the disk right?).

The other possible problem is overheating. Im using my Celeron D heatsink at the moment, and I know the P4's are way hotter but bios reports the temps to be around 55-60 C. I woulda thought it should still work at 60, unless the temp raises drastically during install process but then lowers back to 60 once pc restarts?

I doubt its anything else, ive tried all other options (reset CMOS, take memory modules out and in again, check for dust, unplug wires and replug em, psu is 450 Watts so dont think its a psu problem, my mobo temp is about 30-35 C and i have about 5 case fans!)

Any thoughts or tips? Thanks in advance!
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  1. unless your applying some serious voltage thats too hot for idle.
    Buy a decent HSF and thermal compound like ceramique or artic silver.
    Btw you did clean the cpu and HSF and reapply thermal paste right ??
    Rubbing alcohol works good for cleaning then off. Reapply thermal paste in moderation dont want so much its oozing off the sides but it needs to cover the base of the hsf or cpu whichever is smaller so you maximize contact, Be sure it is making good contact and not installed incorrectly.
  2. thanks for your reply,

    thats a relief to know that its prob just overheating! Do you (or anyone else) have any recommendations for a decent cooler? naturally the cheaper the better :)
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