Which Screen for Gaming & HD playback?

Hi all,

ok so core spec atm =

Q9450 OC to 3.2ghz
8gb 1066 ram

I am currently using a Samsung TV the LE26R74BDX i think.... its served me well and looks nice, i run my games at 720p 1280x720, i play all sorts of games FPS and so on but mainly LOTRO.

I like the screen size and i like HD video playback (720p also)

I also use a PS3 on this tv aswell as connecting an ariel and watching TV

So things i like, PS3 looks great as it should, so does digital tv and my games look nice 2

However, with the rig i have, i cant help but think im not getting the full potential out of it when running my games at 720p. And thats why im thinking about getting a 24" or 26" full 1080p monitor such as

The price difference is quite a lot and im not sure its worth paying that much more for only 1.5" more screen.

So to round off, i want my monitor to be able to.....
Run games and look nicer than what i have already
Run Full 1080p films And run 720p films (will 720p films etc be stretched on a 1080p screen? im not sure?)
I also dont want it to be any smaller than PS3 or 2 so i can use HDMI to connect my video card aswell

Also im a uni student and do look up documents etc and things on the creen and the font looks a bit poor and can be sometimes out of focus.

Any suggestions would be really welcome

I also dont know whats on the horizon in terms of screens etc so any advice on future techs that might make these ideas obsolete would be great.

thanks alot
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  1. ok, well 38 views and no replys, not promising.

    Well here's an update, hopefully it might spark some replies.

    I've been looking at this


    and then i have seen the samsung are just releasing a new line


    these, and wondered if anyone knows whats in the imminent pipeline from samsung. So i can decide wether to hold off and buy the newer screen or just go ahead and get the 1st samsung i linked.

    ANY input would be appreciated.

  2. Dude, just get a Gateway or Dell 30" monitor; and you will be a happy camper. :bounce:
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