Bored with my Antec Nine Hundred 900

So, it turns out I like the Antec Nine Hundred but I'm really starting to get bored with it. I'm looking to upgrade my PC case and I'm not too sure what I should get. Here's what I'm looking for:

Mid or Full tower are ok
Removable motherboard tray (hopefully one where the whole tray plus pci slots slide out together)
Toolless design
HDD cage that's mounted facing out/to-the-side, not back
An aluminum case would be a plus
Large enough for GTX-280s
Side window would be nice
Hopefully $300 or under
Maybe silver option as I think I'm getting bored with black

I was looking at some of the Lian Li cases but I'm not very familiar with their product line. So far I've seen the Lian Li PC-A10 and the PC-A6010, but I don't think side windows are available for them. Also, the Antec P182 might work, but it's only partly aluminum and I don't see any window options for that plus the tray isn't removable. I'm leaning towards the Cooler Master ATCS 840 but again, no side window option that I know of.

Any feedback, experience with any of these cases, and/or other options are greatly appreciated.

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  1. U can try out the Mountain Mods Pinnacle towers. IMO Mountain Mods (just google them) make exquisite cases. They are mainly for Water Cooling, but they can be used for anything.

    The P182 is very little Al, mostly the outside is all plastic.

    Theres the Silverstone TJ-07. Very popular and good.
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