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Hey guys,

My friend kept a TON of photos on his SD card from about January, and when he deleted them, he did it through the in-camera system. In any case, now the card does not show up when plugged into a PC or Mac... and the camera gives a read error whenever it is turned on with the card in.

We are currently looking at a few Data Recovery services, but it is a 1.0gb SD Card and the places that I have seen want about $125 for this. This is a lot more than I was expecting, and I'm curious if anybody can offer some advice. Other services, or any other cheaper alternatives.
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  1. r u asking if you can recover the SD so that can it be use again? "TON of photos on his SD card from about January, and when he deleted them " I assume you have nothing left in the SD with that statement. Just reformat the SD using Panasonic SDformatter V 2.0
  2. I think you can still find a solution from a data recovery company and no where else. As your card doesn't show up i assume its corrupted so i see no software recovery solutions but of course you can still find a good recovery company that can really retrieve your data but you will have to compromise with the price.

    In your case i don't think $125 is too much because last time when i went through this and was looking for best recovery software it cost me around $250 :(

    If you are lucky there are possibilities for good recovery under $125 :)

    Consult these experts they might give a better option.

    Hope it helps!

    This one works with sd card and is under $70 bucks.

    Download and install, then search files.
  4. Hey, friend. Find some tested and proven recovery tools from this site digital camera recovery.

    Also note: no software will help if your files got overwritten from SD card. So the first thing you should keep in mind - take good care of the card.
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