e5200 vs e7200 for gaming

What is the best of them for gaming purposes?
I don't overclock :D
I have Gigabyte S3L
Pls give answer considering that price difference
Thx in advance

:) :)
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  1. go further up the ladder and find the E7300, which has higher speeds, since u dont OC. the E7000s also have 3mb cache as opposed to 2 which will make a difference in games.
  2. if you do not overclock

    why not? intel overclocks? after all the high speed cpus are the same as low speed cpus overclocked!

    if you do not overclock - you want the highest cpu speed for the price. an e8600 is 3.33 ghz you also want the highest bus speed e8600 is 1333

    the 7200 is really bad choice - UNLESS YOU OVERCLOCK IT!

    TURN THE BUS TO 1333, you did the same as intel did and saved $140, and it is the same thing just about!

    7200 is 800fsb this cpu is desinged for 2 reasons
    1) is notebooks and other things that are very low priced and want low heat

    i am not yelling just emphazing the important stuff
  3. just so people know the core 2 is 1333-1600 fsb part

    when intel sells a 1333 part it is for oem's (hp, dell etc) to charge more and sell the cpu stock

    remember hp and dell overclock there most expensive computes - now thing about it? hum? overclocking cost more ? hum? it must be better!

    at $170 an e8400 is nice
  4. Well between the 2 choices go for the E7200, it has that extra 1mb cache.
  5. for gaming????neither
  6. 0mg_1ts_m3 said:
    for gaming????neither

    exactly get a used e6850 for $125

    Anonymous said:
    Well between the 2 choices go for the E7200, it has that extra 1mb cache.

    another fine point - i was going to add that too!

    after cpu speed, fsb then look at the cache

    a larger cache does not help all games but it does help some, fsb and cpu speed help all, well until you reach the max speed of the gpu
  7. YOU MUST OVERCLOCK! core 2's were made to overclock! tis a sin not to oc a core 2! feel sorry for whatever chip you get... not getting to stretch its... transistors :O
  8. i like your name and your avie
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    x-= xtreme before everyone copied it from me! 4 = quad, 2= dual

    hp copied gaming comptuers by gamers

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    the list goes on!
  9. Do you know that this means: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/244351-28-61ghz-1ghz

    after the go came out i wrote that 3.6ghz as eveyone has later found out


    i was shipping these in 04-05 thg is 06


    well you get the point - i am busy - but if you look into you might find many stuff i did became and wrote and advertised as a micro builder became gospile.
    i only came to thg to tell the amd guys that amd was no good - they all left - sorry thg i did not mean to send them away!
  10. 0mg_1ts_m3 said:
    for gaming????neither

    Either one will game just fine. I'd like you to show me a E7200 or E5200 that couldn't game. Maybe his budget is between $80-$110 only.
  11. Thanks every one for answering
    but realy I didn't try overclocking before
    I would love to have a better one than both But I have limited budget
    is e5200 realy dual core or it is core2duo , its mentioned in intel as dual core ??
    will they be not good at all for gaming purposes ??
  12. Intel just gave the E5200 a retarded name like: Pentium Dual Core. But is the same as E7x00 or E8x00, with the Core2 microarchitecture.

    Like I said you should be able to game with it. It might struggle a bit with Crysis or newer games, but at a decent resolution and medium details it should be fine.
  13. the e5200 pentium dual core is still made on the Core 2 Architecture. the main difference is less cache and a slower FSB (but this means higher multi=higher ocing! =D)

    once overclocked, it won't bottleneck any single GPU config, and probably not even some multi gpu configs... as i've said before - im playing crysis at Very High (natural mod as well) on 1440x900 on my e5200 @3.7/3.8 and my slightly oc'd 9600GT... quite playable.
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