CPU, Mobo, and RAM in boxes... convince me to unwrap, please!

Good afternoon, all!

This build is the first time I'm building a computer from the ground up...and yet I'm not exactly doing that, since I'd like to use as much of the old computer as I possibly can. For anyone reading this that can help and give advice, I only ask that you provide a reason behind your opinions, hopefully with facts to support them. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE! All of you in the CPU and mobo sections were a huge help.

Here's what I'm on right now:

Dell XPS Generation 5:
Pentium D 3.0 MHz ('830', 130W)
2 GB DDR RAM @ 667 MHz (4x512MB DIMMs)
NVIDIA GeForce 9800GT 512 MB
WD Raptor 10K RPM 80 GB HDD
460W PSU (Dell, I'm not sure what else I can tell you about this)
Many, Many fans
Huge Pentium D heatsink
Media Card Reader
Soundblaster sound card
TV tuner

I got for Christmas:
$100 Fry's Gift card
Intel x-25 G2 SSD 80 GB

What I just bought with the GC, plus out of pocket:
MSI 790 GX-G65 AM3 mobo ($125 + tax)
AMD Phenom II X3 720 BE ($120 + tax)
Corsair CMX4GX3M2A1600C9 2x2GB) DDR3 @ 1600 (sale- $90 + tax)
AS Arctic Alumina Ceramic Poly Thermal Compound ($4.20)
2.5-3.5" bay converter for SSD ($5)

What I know/Pretty sure about, but can check if needed:
Case fits ATX Mobo
PSU has all needed connecters for Graphics Card and everything in current system, but I don't know if it was straining it.
Pentium D is 130 W, X3 is 95 W... PSU should be fine, right?

What I want to do:
I play games, though usually not the newest
I love tinkering, and I have never overclocked before, and I'd like to try
I want it to run stable-y at stock, but have the OC option

1) Is the 460W PSU enough? Dell made a 650W for this case I can get for $100, but I'd prefer not to
2) Do I need the termal compound I bought? Is the stock good enough?
3) If I'm trying to OC, do I need any more cooling than the Gen 5 case provides? there are a LOT of fans! including specific ones for the CPU and the PSU
4) Will this RAM, Mobo, and CPU fit into my plans? I heard they are all good for overclocking, and pretty good quality for the prices. I'd prefer not to spend much more, if any, but I can always take them back and start anew. the RAM says it's "made for i5," is that bull?
5) Besides the x16 --> x8 x8 issue on this mobo and the cramped space for the there any reason I should not use this mobo? what about the 790FX?
6) The current heatsink is huge and dissapated the Pentium D's monsterous heat output...should I use that in lieu of the Phenom II stock heatsink? It also fits into the nice Dell case pretty well, too, with 2 fans to cool just the CPU
7) All the other components (DVD-RW, DVD, media card, Graphics, Sound, TV tunder, even the old HDD as a second drive) I'd like to still use...are my power inputs enough? any issues?
8) Anything else anyone can think of that I haven't covered? Please help! I want to make sure all my i's are dotted and t's crossed before I open everything up and start! Thank you so much!
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  1. you sure your new board gonna fit
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