133-- 500 0r 200 --- 800 CPU frequency range which one is better

I am looking forward to push my e2140 to maximum, i have the option to choose between two mother boards,
1- FSB 1600, cpu frequency range from 200--- 800
2- FSB 1333 cpu frequency range from 133 -- 500

which one of these motherboard will give me better results in overclocking,
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  1. Either. Also, pure numbers dont really mean nothing, build and component quality are more important. If you list what mobos exactly are those 2 are then im sure you will get some advice.
  2. Thanks MaDMagik,
    they are as follows 1:200 -- 800 Asus P5QPL-AM and the other one is Asus P5QPL-CM
    ( 1333 -- 500).
    I hope this will helps
  3. Sorry, been away for the weekend. Generally speaking these are both low-end motherboards and not many people overclock on them, its especially hard to find some decent info about the CM one. Regardless, your cpu wont stretch the FSB anywhere close to either of those boards` fsb limits. I know it doesnt help you much but choosing between thes two is pretty much a lottery. What is known as a good budget overclocker is GIGABYTE GA-G41M-ES2L
  4. thanks, i have bought these yet, i will definitely consider GIGABYTE GA-G41M-ES2L, alot of good features.
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