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Hello all,
I bought a Vostro 200 over a year ago and am kind of itching to upgrade. So far have added a 8600GT video card, 500 Gb Seagate 7200.12, and an extra stick or two of RAM (can't remember what came stock). Anyways, once my taxes come back, I'm going to be doing some supping up... I think I'm going to add an E8400 and new RAM. My question is: since the board seems to be rated up to 1333 FSB for the proccesor, but only accepts DDR2 800 RAM (Details on board) will I be able to put in DDR3 1333 sticks (and have it run at the 800 my MB supports) so I am not bottle necked in the future??? Or is it only compatible with the DDR2 sticks.
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  1. I have a g33 board also; it's ddr2 only. Ddr3 isn't that much faster for socket 775. My asrock board has both ddr2 and ddr3 slots, but it would be a waste to spend twice as much for ddr3. It's more optimized for core i7 and the x58 boards.
  2. Yea I agree it gets pricey for the DDR3, but is it worth getting DDR2 1200 anyways?? Or is 800 as fast as I can go? And if I get 1200 will it work at original speed or at 800?
  3. It depends on the board. I don't have the foxconn specs in front of me; if the board is rated for 1066 memory, then you should be able to run it if you increase the voltage to your memory specs in the bios.
  4. BUMP
  5. The 2 foxconn g33 models listed only support pc6400 (800 speed) ram. Buying faster ram may be a waste of money.
  6. Yes don't buy it will be a wast of money. it only supports the 800 speed and each dimm slots supports maximum 1 GB. i found out in this link...---->
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