Lower CPU speed or lower ram speed?

I'm currently running my E5200 at 3.625GHZ with the ram on a 3:2 ratio (in the BIOS), 3:4 in CPU-Z, it's at 386.7. DDR2 ram, so it's running at 773, typically it's 800mhz ram.

Would I be better off trying to lower my processor speed to get the ram up to 800mhz, leaving the ram as is with the 3:2 in bios, or unlinking the ram and running at some weird ratio, I think unlinked it gave me 13:18 to CPU-Z.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I don't think that not having a 1 : 1 ratio really lowers performance very much. Obviously, you want to run your ram at the highest speed, but having a faster processor is much more important. Toms has done a test of the impact different speeds have on gaming and normal usage and they found that speeds really didn't have much of an impact. I myself would keep the clocks you have, if that is your max oc, and just try to tighten the timings on the ram.
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    || I agree with edk128. OK, I know it's not a survey, just think he's right.
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