Keeps crashing.

I recently built a new system about a month ago, but it keeps crashing every few hours, and sometimes I can't even get it to successful start back up again.

The build is as follows:

Windows XP Home Edition SP3

Seagate 250GB HD

1 20x DVD/CD burner

Creative soundblaster audigy SE 7.1 sound card

G-SKILL 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240 PIN DDR2 1066 RAM

EVGA 8800GT 512mb

BIOSTAR TForce TP43D2A7 LGA 775 Intel P43 ATX Intel Motherboard

Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 Wolfdale 3.16GHz


and a fan controller (Don't know specs)

So the problem is, I'll just be randomly doing something when boom my computer gets a blue screen with white writting (I assume it's about a memory dump but it goes away so fast) and it restarts. The PC has 5 LED (blue)fans and the CPU temp is usually in the high 30's idle and high 40's during gaming. Because of the circulation and low temps I really don't think it's a heating problem. So next I moved on to the RAM, I tested it using memtest86 for quite a few runs and it came back with 0 errors. So what do you think the problem is? The PSU? Is 600W really not enough? Also, I can't remember the computer ever crashing when I had each fan plugged directly into PSU, but since I've got the fan controller it has been. Then again, it doesn't crash that often (about once every 9 hours, sometimes more and sometimes not at all). I've already uninstalled all software that could be the case, but it hasn't helped.

Anyway, hopefully some of you have ideas as to what is wrong. I really don't want to spend too much more money on it, but at this point I think it's either the PSU or graphics card causing it.

Please tell me what you think is wrong and what I should do!

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  1. What is happening is the infamous BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death). Try running a CPU stability program like OCCT, Orthos, or Prime 95 to check for CPU stability. My guess is everything will be ok but it is worth checking. If you can get the error code that will help, I know it is quick but I can usually get at least part of it a time when it happens.

    Does this happen while you are doing something not very intensive? If so, I think I may have an answer. Go into your bios and disable speedstep/EIST/C1E. What happens is that with these enable is that during idle your cpu vcore will be lowered to well bellow what most people would run at, sort of like a overclocking but instead of raising speed it is reducing voltage. My guess is that this is going on and your cpu just can't deal with such a low voltage.
  2. Alright, I updated my BIOS drivers and disabled C1E. Hopefully that was it. If anyone else has any ideas please tell me them. I'll let you know if the disable C1E thing works but my only concern is that it would happen any time. i.e. when playing a game/talking on Skype.
  3. Wait, did I need to disable them all or just one of them? Because I only found C1E.
  4. kenichi said:
    Wait, did I need to disable them all or just one of them? Because I only found C1E.

    Well normally you will have 2 of those settings. If you can't find any more try posting a CPU-Z screen shot during idle.
  5. Ok, I'll download that program later and post it, but also, when I click use the Biostar overclock program (for monitoring) I noticed that the voltage for mem was in red, so I brought it down just now until it was normal. (That's at 1.792 V) Should I leave it at that or put it back to 1.89 V? Or does it not really matter much?

    Alsom I haven't crashed yet so I'm hoping everything's good >.< but since I changed the mem voltage I'm not sure what it should be at. I'll post what I have an maybe you guys can tell me.

    and here's the CPU-Z shot (The core speed jumps between 1993.- and 3156, one or the other).
  6. I think even 1.89v is lower than what G.Skill says you should be at. I am pretty sure your ram has Micron ICs (the best!) which require lots of voltage so you may need to bump the voltage up to 2.1v or even 2.2v.

    EDIT: Judging by the jumping you have just described you have not fully disabled everything.
  7. Hmm, what else could it be called? Should I write down what's in my BIOS? Because there's nothing called speedstep/EIST. And thanks, I'll bump up the voltage. It's at 2.1 now.
  8. I guess that will help. I am surprised to hear you say you can't find either speedstep or EIST.
  9. I'm looking everywhere in the BIOS but can't find it. It's probably in there but I just can't seem to find it >.<

    Alirght I finally got it! It wasn't called speedstep it was something completely different with no resemblance to it xD.
  10. It was called C-STATE tech. I didn't even know it was there until I realized I could scroll down for more options ^.^

    So Now I have C1E disabled, C-STATE (speedstep?) disabled, and this thing called CPU TM function because at the time I didn't know if it was speedstep. Hopefully that last one won't hurt me.

    And hopefully that was the problem in the first place! xD
  11. Yep, those were what you wanted to get although I have never seen them labeled that way :P. Hopefully things workout.
  12. Edit: Nvm
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