q9550 seen as P3Xeon 2.83mhz & 4gb ram as 2gb

Hi guys, I've got 3 questions.

I just upgraded to a q9550 on a Gigabyte X48-DS4 mobo and windows xp sees it as a xeon of equal speed. I know it isn't always accrurate in what it reports, I was just wondering if this is normal and/or has any effect on the performance of the cpu ?

I also got what was supposed to be 2x2gb OCZ gold 800 mhz ram. Put them in, and when I saw I was only getting 2gb I tried them individually, which were seen in the bios as 1gb each. The barcode on the packet matches that of the 4 gig kit, but surely dabs.com have got it mixed up with the 2gig kit, I'll speak to them tommorrow but am I missing something although I seriously doubt it...?

It's a pain cos I can't re-order the same line and my older 667 ram when put in stops the pc from POSTing. - Why is that ? I'd have to order another brand 4gb kit at a higher price, and send back the other when I recieve it. - I don't want to wait anymore, as I have already had to wait 15 days for them to come back in stock !

Thanks in advance ;)
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  1. What does CPU-Z show the processor as? It sounds like mislabled RAM, although CPU-Z will also list the specs for the RAM. What does the BIOS show the RAM and CPU as?
  2. Update your BIOS ;)
  3. Ah yes CPUZ sees the correct q9950 but also sees 2gb ram. - Why would I want to update my bios - its a brand new mobo - newest x48 chipset...? hopefully it is a labelling problem I'll find out tommorrow, - I hope.
  4. I think you bought a 2g ram kit cause it was cheap and your mind fooled you into thinking it was 4g.
  5. It's jsut that some motherboard have problem identifying the CPU. A simple BIOS update could fix it. Your mobo might be brand new but it might not have the latest BIOS.

    Check the SPD tab in CPU-Z. You can see what the motherboard see in each memory slot.
  6. CPUZ sees a 1 gig module in each slot - I defo ordered the 4 gig kit, it even says so on my invoice. Besides - the difference in price for these modules 2x1gb and 2x2gb is only around £5 !

    Any ideas why the 667 ddr2 won't work on the new mobo ? - Surely I wouln't need a bios update to be backwards compatible ?
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