Asus P5QC RAM Problems! Please Help !!

Hi to all and forgive me for my bad english.
I recently bought these parts:

Asus P5QC
2 X 2GB OCZ Reaper X PC3 10666 OCZRPX1333EB4GK
Intel Quad Core Q9550
Asus ENGTX285 1GB
700W OCZ power suply

When all got in place correctly, it didn't boot at all. Black screen.I searched various forums and i found that this motherboard has RAM compatibility issues despite
what the Mobo manual say...

It also says that you can install up to 8GB for DDR3. But in the manual QVL table say that it doesn't support any single side or double sided 4GB of RAM single and also you have only 2 slots for DDR3 !! So how you install 8GB of DDR3 ??

Anyways, i want at least 4GB of RAM on my system, even if that means i have to install DDR2.

Can you please tell me which is best for this motherboard? I found on other forums that many DDR2 which are 2X 2GB like CORSAIR have many problems: blue screens, fail and rebooting in the middle of installations or rendering or gaming.

Please help me what to do? Replace existing RAM with others and which ones? (please refer model) (Only 4GB DDR2) Or chance the whole mobo?

Thank you very much!
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  1. The problems you mention are usually that the RAM being used is not "normal" RAM, but "overclocked" RAM that requires a higher-than-normal RAM voltage to work properly. You may have to find a stick of "normal" RAM and install it so that your MB can boot, then go into the BIOS and adjust the RAM voltage to the value that your overclocked RAM sticks require. The required voltage is often printed on the side of the RAM stick.
    In the future, you can often avoid this problem by buying DDR2 RAM rated at no higher than 1.9V or DDR3 RAM rated at no higher than 1.6V.
  2. Thank you very much for your help, but i thought that all settings are in "AUTO" by default.At the moment we speak my PC is at the place from where i bought the speciefic RAM, so they will test several RAMs on board, perform memory tests, so to avoid any problems, if i was choosing another incompatible RAMs.I will post tommorow when i will have news.Thanks!
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