card to replace onboard GPU - recommendation please

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I have been looking for a graphics card but I am not very
knowledgeable about this and there are many choices, so I would
like some expert help, please.

I am looking for a graphics card to replace the onboard nVidia
GeForce 6100 which uses system RAM up to 128MB. My power supply
is a Bestec 300 watt unit, so I need something which has a power
supply requirement of about 250W with these characteristics:

- PCI Express x16 (slot available)
- no fan
- at least 128MB onboard; 256MB preferred
- analog and digital connector

My monitor is a Samsung 940Be LCD (19 inch) with both analog and
digital connectors.

Occasionally I rotate the display with the Samsung Magic
Rotation utility but the system is not entirely stable when the
display is rotated 90 degrees. Some things respond very slowly.
The nVidia software will not rotate the the display. Magic
Rotation is the only thing that works. So, I need something that
has this capability.

I really want to be careful with the power supply requirements.
The installed unit is small and has a very tight fit, so
replacing the power supply is not really an option. Plus, I
suppose that this would more than double the cost of the

I was told by a tech at Circuit City that the ATI cards generally
use less power, so maybe one of those would be a good choice?

The newegg web site has many choice, but I need some specific

Your help will be much appreciated. :)

eMachines T3418 desktop
1GB RAM (512 x 2)
AMD Sempron 3400+ 2.0 Ghz
2 DVD combo drives
1 USB external floppy
APC 500 ES power backup
Windows XP Home SP3

system review here:

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