Installing Windows on a BIS 6620


I work for a company which does GPS telemetry for wildlife. We're trying to sell a very small computer which runs an auto download software (only works on Windows) to automatically download data from any collars in its range. We currently think that the best way to do this is using the BIS 6620 small computer and installing Windows onto a CF card in its SATA to CF adapter. It's easy enough to strip down an installation of Windows 7 to fit onto a 8gb CF, but I'm led to believe there's some special instructions for installing it and I was wondering if anyone had thoughts on that.
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  1. Do you work for DERM? And its a Pc draw?
  2. Hi Thomas!
    Found your question, but found no answer. I now have the same computer BIS-6620, and I want to ask you - you've got to install Windows 7 on this computer? What steps should be done to install the system? What did you do?
    I have this computer without a hard disk, and want to put the system (windows 7 or Linux) on this computer for FlashCard (SD or CF). But when you connect I do not see the BIOS, the screen is dark, but led power indicator works. With USB flash Computer literacy does not start. There are solutions to how to run & install to this PC?
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