Safe 24/7 OC'd 5850?

Hello community of Toms Hardware,

Im very new to this overclocking with GPU's, I just OC'd my sapphire 5850 to 900mhz/1100mhz with 1.18 volts. My maxtemps using furmark (The creepy, furry, with red veins thingy that just sits there) test is aroung 70 - 80 C. Is this safe for my card and will my card survive 24/7 using these settings? Thanks and more Power!

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  1. Seems pretty safe as the voltage isn't too high. I wouldn't have it running at 80C 24/7, but a couple hours a day shouldn't do too much. I know Asus allows you to run their 5850 at 1.3 volts while still being under warranty, so one would assume that 1.3 volts isn't anything that would break cards easily as long as you have sufficient cooling.
  2. furmark stresses your GPU more than anything else (yes even crysis) so no need to worry.
  3. Yeah, that will be fine, as omgitzfatal said, furmark stresses you GPU so much, so it wont stay at 80c when playing crysis.
  4. UPDATE:

    I was able to pass 20 min extreme GPU burning using creepy hairy donut thing with 1.18 volts @ 900/1200. Idle temp is between 51c to 55 c, max temp after 20 min of donut galore is 80C.

    btw im using stock cooling.
  5. Can I ask if you've set the fan speed manually, or just left it on auto? Reason I ask is I'm getting a ASUS HD5850 on the 12th January and I intend to overclock it.
  6. i set it up manually using the MSI afterburner,when it is idling in mid 50's C, i let the fan run 30%"very silent BTW", when its over 60 C, the fan fires up at 50% fanspeed,and when 70C,it fires up to 70% fanspeed and so on.
  7. ok thanks for the reply, cant wait to get mine, it'll be my second : ) Killed the first one haha R.I.P PowerColor HD5850.

    Stuck with a 8800GT KO at the moment : /
  8. How did your first one die? Too much voltage or heat? How long did it last? I'm interested in the 5850 but I would like to be sure that all the hype of its overclockability is true.
  9. (I'm not totally sure on this) I think i scratched the gold PCI-E connector on the card, when I removed it from my motherboard, I took it out to clean my PC and when I put the card back in I got no display at all, but the fan worked ok.

    Lesson learnt, Be careful when removing graphics cards.

    When it was working I had it OC'd to 820 core and 4200 mem. No extra voltage, it was nice and cool (roughly 65C when gaming) about 31 idle : )

    Oh BTW i killed it within 2 weeks : /

    Believe the hype:
  10. I got mine very stable right now. 900 / 1220 on 1.2. I keep fan on fixed using trixx at 75% which isnt toooooooooooo loud. 80c is the highest temp i've seen so far. Seems to be a good O.C. range for this card although 950 / 1250 is do able , I don't like to put full stress on my components.
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