Nvidia Beta Driver 180.42 for Far Cry 2 Recommend for best experience!


Go nuts and enjoy, I heard it fixes the GX2:) and SLI in general.
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  1. Just a quote:

    Recommended for the best experience on Far Cry 2:

    “Since we first began working on Far Cry 2 in early 2005, we have used GeForce GPU’s to develop the game and worked closely with NVIDIA’s excellent engineers. While Far Cry 2 represents an outstanding PC gaming experience for a wide range of systems, GeForce users can expect to enjoy the game quite literally ‘The Way It Was Meant To Be Played’.” - Louis-Pierre Pharand, Ubisoft, Far Cry 2 Producer
  2. Enjoy your FarCry 2 SecuRom installation, whether you want it or not!
  3. Its just an excuse to reinstall windows in a week :)
  4. Sli and x2 performance in Far Cry 2 without the driver fix is atrocious.
    I'd say that fix is a must. :p
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